What are my responsibilities?

You have the responsibility to:

  • Provide complete and accurate information
  • Provide written documentation of your expenses (bills, receipts, etc.)
  • Notify the caseworker if there are any changes in your circumstances (income, etc.)
  • Use your income for basic necessities (food, rent, fuel, utilities, medicine, clothing)
  • Make every effort to use potential resources, including other government benefit programs, private pensions, support payments, etc.
  • Attempt to find and accept work
  • Not quite work or get fired
  • Participate in an education or training program to help you become employed
  • Sell your non-essential assets at fair market price (vehicles, boats, real estate, etc.)
  • Find affordable housing within your ability to pay
  • Request assistance with bills that are current (due that month)
  • Check fuel supply (oil, wood, gas) on a regular basis and request GA before running out
  • Tell the truth - if you don't, you'll be disqualified for 120 days and may be prosecuted for committing a crime

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