What is General Assistance?

Every municipality in Maine has a General Assistance program (GA) that is designed to assist eligible residents with basic necessities when they are unable to do so on their own. General Assistance is intended to be a program of "last resort", other available programs, finances, or assistance programs must be utilized first before seeking GA. General Assistance is granted in voucher form only and does not pay overdue bills or security deposits. Town of Veazie General Assistance is available to Veazie residents only.

The General Assistance Program is the most accountable assistance program in the State of Maine, and applicants are required to reduce their reliance on General Assistance. This may mean searching for employment or applying for disability benefits, SNAP, TANF, and/or other state and federal benefits.

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1. What information/documentation do I need to provide with my application?
2. What if I have an emergency and the Town Office is closed?
3. How can I apply?
4. What is General Assistance?
5. Do I have to be a Veazie resident?
6. If I receive Food Stamps, TANF, Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Unemployment or Worker’s Compensation am I still able to receive General Assistance?
7. How much assistance can I get?
8. When will I get help?
9. If I am eligible will I get cash or a check?
10. What would cause me to be ineligible or disqualified from the General Assistance Program?
11. How long can I continue to get help?
12. Is the information I give on my application kept confidential?
13. What resources should I use before applying for General Assistance?
14. Are there any work requirements?
15. What are my responsibilities?