Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer Andy Fish performs a few different roles with the Town. Therefore, in order to guarantee he is available to answer your questions, we request you call to schedule an appointment.

With continuing changes in electrical codes, plumbing codes, building codes, local ordinances, and State laws, it is difficult for residents to know whether they need a permit to have work done on or around their property. Hopefully, this will help explain when a permit is required.

  • A building permit is required for the placing, demolition, or construction of buildings and/or structures including swimming pools.
  • A permit is required for the alteration of buildings, structures, or parts thereof, including but not limited to
    • Change in size of windows, doors
    • Reshingling
    • Repair of foundation
    • Interior renovations for change of use
    • Creating new rooms
    • Enclosing open porch
    • Skylights
    • Fences
    • Construction of steps
    • New roads or driveways
    • Construction, enlargement, or modification of swimming pools
  • Any work on reshaping driveways or lawns within the road limits will require a street disruption permit.
  • A fill permit is required for the placement of 10 cubic yards or greater of fill.
  • A building permit is NOT required for normal maintenance or repair.

State law requires that a plumbing permit be obtained for the installation of fixtures or pipes for freshwater or waste water including the replacement of hot water tanks. An electrical permit is required for almost any electrical work except for replacing an electrical fixture in the same place. A master electrician or a master plumber must pick up the appropriate permit and be responsible for the work being done, except that a homeowner may pick up the permit and do the work on his/her own residence. The owner is not allowed to do either electrical work or plumbing on any rental units or commercial establishments.

If you have already started work that requires a permit, contact the Code Enforcement Officer as soon as possible.